Old Stone

” Old Stone ” blocks give an authentic feel of crushed natural stone. Products ” Old stone” are made of natural materials and colors have been added to the structure. The nuances between certain ” Old Stone ” blocks are intentional. ” Old Stone ” blocks allow easy coating and masonry wall, pillar or railing, and can also be stacked easily and without mortar at low decorative walls and the like.

   2  3
Column “Old stone” 55x55x140 cm
Cap 1123 62x62x4 cm, 35 kg
Column “Old stone” 55x35x120 cm
The cap 1122, 40x62x4 cm, 22 kg
Column “Old stone” 35x35x110 cm
The cap 1121, 40x40x4, 14 kg


6001 45x12x11,3 cm


6001 Old stone block 1/1 45x12x11,3cm, t 12kg

6002 Old Stone finishing block 45x12x11,3cm 1/1, t 12kg

6004 Old stone block 1/2 final 22,5x12x11,3cm, t 6kg


6005 Old stone lid 45x13x3,5cm, t 6kg

6006 Old Stone block radius R = 1.1 105

6008 cap radius



oldstone1 oldstone2 oldstone3
 Old Stone block
 Old Stone block  Old Stone block


Plates old stone


6666 66x66x4 cm
6649 66x49x4 cm
6644 66x33x4 cm
4949 49x49x4 cm
4933 49x33x4 cm
3333 33x33x4 cm
Old stone example 5


Broken blocks with deep and wide joints are attractive appearance and excellent fit in every environment. Due to its high static stability to secure earth embankments, as well as the decoration of the room. Easy to install, vertically or at an angle, according to claim orders. If you are placed at a distance, can be very nice planted herbs.

blocks Plate-on-track
 Strukturbeton blocks

1072 for track plates, diameter 50 cm, t38kg

  7001 Strukturbeton block 38x30x14 cm, 35 kg of t
7003 Strukturbeton block 38x15x14 cm, 17.5 kg t
7005 Cap 43.5x30x8 cm, 25 kg of t
Balustrade Press Page 40 Image 0003  Balustrade Press Page 40 Image 0004
 1062 Škarpa 31x28x15 / 12cm, 18kg t  1061 Škarpa 48x45x20 / 13cm, 30kg t

 pole-rustik1  Widmoser pole-rustik2 
 Column rustic

Base plate 9025 Timber 90×25 cm

Base plate 6025 Timber 60×25 cm

Column rustic

4035 Element rustic carved 42x42x25 cm

4036 Cap rustic carved 52×52 cm